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SIS Faculty

School of Information Sciences
Name Position E-mail Office
Suzie Allard CCI Associate Dean for Research;
CCI Director of Center for Information & Communication Studies;
Professor 423 Communications Bldg.
Dania Bilal Professor 451 Communications Bldg.
Wade Bishop Assistant Professor 442 Communications Bldg.
Kimberly Douglass Associate Professor 453 Communications Bldg.
Rachel Fleming-May Associate Professor 424 Communications Bldg.
Carolyn Hank Assistant Professor 420B Communications Bldg.
Diane Kelly Director;
Professor 451 Communications Building
Bharat Mehra Associate Professor 454 Communications Bldg.
Devendra Potnis Associate Professor 444 Communications Building
Vandana Singh Associate Professor 449 Communications Bldg.
Carol Tenopir Chancellor's Professor;
Board of Visitors Professor 5 Hoskins Library
Peiling Wang Professor 443 Communications Bldg.
Cindy Welch Clinical Associate Professor;
Coordinator of Youth Services;
Associate Director, The Center for Children's & Young Adult Literature 445 Communications Bldg.
Xiaohua Zhu Assistant Professor 448 Communications Bldg
Emeritus Faculty
Name Position E-mail Office
Edwin Cortez Emeritus Professor
Adjunct Professors
Name Position E-mail Office
Donald King Adjunct Professor
David Nicholas Adjunct Professor
Line Pouchard Adjunct Professor;
Senior Researcher, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Steve Smith Dean of UT Libraries;
Professor 606 John C Hodges Library
Bruce E. Wilson Adjunct Professor Hoskin Library, Basement