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Examples of Practicum Objectives

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Example 1

I am interested in a career in library systems work, probably in an academic library environment. I have had some systems and automation course work as well as some work with database management software on my own. The following objectives are proposed for consideration in structuring a practicum during fall, 201x:

  1. To understand the problems and issues related to working with a computing services organization in providing support for library systems.
  2. To become familiar with the operation of a library systems department by observing procedures, participating in meetings, understanding decision making, and by hands-on experience.
  3. To gain experience with the hardware, software, and networks through discussions, meetings, workshops, studying manuals, and accomplishing tasks related to my abilities.
  4. To gain experience with MARC and non-MARC records maintained by a library with some emphasis on the nature and structure of non-print media formats.
  5. To provide microcomputer and software support to the library staff for both library and administrative applications.
  6. To gain experience with the CD-ROM hardware and software used by the library.

Example 2

I intend to begin my library career in reference work in an public library environment, and i need to have some practical, hands-on experience to accompany my course work in is 530, 535, 531, 533:

  1. I wish to gain additional knowledge of all types of reference tools, especially in the social sciences and humanities.
  2. I want to develop and test public-service interpersonal skills at the reference desk.
  3. I want to gain proficiency in searching print and CD-ROM sources.
  4. I want to have experience in the evaluation of reference collections and selection of new materials.
  5. I want to have some experience in instructing patrons in the use of library materials and services.