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UT-Knoxville Student Chapter



Congratulations to the New Officers of the ASIS&T UTK Student Chapter!

New Officers for 2017-2018:

Sarah Ingalls-Voiles, Chair

Robyn Winston-Hicks, Co-chair

(OPEN), Secretary/Treasurer

                                                                    (OPEN), 1st Year Representative


Join Today!

If you are considering an information career outside a traditional library, ASIS&T membership is a great connection. Many information scientists in traditional libraries also find that ASIS&T provides them with valuable connections and information to help their careers and path to lifelong learning.

The UT student chapter in 2016-2017 is excited to offer opportunities for leadership and involvment. Please join us to share your ideas and energy!

ASIS&T Annual Dues
ASIS&T is an international organization, and the UT chapter is part of the larger organization. Join ASIS&T online today, and then, print and mail your application to the UT student chapter.

  • Click here to join the UTK Student Chapter ($5 chapter membership)
  • Click here to join the international organization ($40 student membership)


About ASIS&T

ASIS&T is a multidisciplinary organization with more than 4,000 members from fields such as librarianship, computer science, linguistics, management, engineering, law, medicine, chemistry, and education. ASIS&T helps these professionals keep up with the rapid advancements and changes in library and information science, communications, networking, and computer science.

Benefits of membership in the student chapter and the international organization include:  

    • Networking opportunities with information professionals and other Information Sciences students
    • Professional development and publications
    • Discounted registration fees for ASIS&T Summits and Annual Meetings
    • Leadership opportunities
    • Access to ASIS&T's JobLine and Digital Library

Current Student Chapter Officers:

  • Chair—Sarah Ingalls-Voiles (
  • Co-Chair—Robyn Winston-Hicks
  • Secretary/Treasurer—(OPEN)
  • 1st-Year Representative—(OPEN)
  • Faculty Advisor—Dr. Peiling Wang (

Please email an officer or faculty advisor if you have any questions about our student chapter.

Past ASIS&T UTK Student Chapter Chairs:

  • Kimberlee Byrge, 2016-2017
  • Taylor Hixson, 2015-2016
  • Madison Langseth, 2014-2015
  • Laura Murray, 2013-2014

For further information about the activities, projects, and publications of the national organization, visit the ASIS&T website at

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