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Best Paper & Best Technical Project

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The faculty of the School of Information Sciences (SIS) offer a series of awards to acknowledge student achievement. Questions about the Student Awards Program should be directed to the current chair of the Student Affairs Committee. The following awards will be awarded at the School's Honors Convocation Ceremony. Both awards are determined on a calendar-year basis. Nominations for both awards must be submitted to Tanya Arnold, the Student Services Coordinator, in the school's main office.

Best Paper Award & Best Technical Project

The Best Technical Project Award recognizes excellence in web page design, database design, systems analysis, sophisticated use of graphics/presentation programs, or other projects demanding explicit use of information technology.

The Best Paper Award recognizes excellence in writing, research and critical thinking. The Best Paper Award is limited to research papers that contain some original contribution by the student.

Throughout a semester, faculty, with the permission of the student(s) affected, may nominate a paper or project for consideration. The instructor should copy the work or ask the student(s) to do so, and submit the work, rendered anonymous, along with a nomination form to the Student Services Coordinator in SIS's main office.

Electronic projects may include webpages, electronic presentations (e.g., in Powerpoint), innovative applications of markup languages, etc. Submission may be provided on disc or, if appropriate, a URL may be indicated on the nomination form. Software used should be identified, if relevant.

These copies must be supplied without names, comments, grades, or other identifying information. They must, however, be accompanied by a nomination form which identifies the paper or project by title and provides a brief rationale for the nomination. Students may nominate their own work (or the work of other students) by submitting papers or projects to the Coordinator anytime during in the calendar year. The Coordinator will keep a list of students names and a corresponding random number assigned to each paper or project . When all papers and projects have been evaluated by the faculty of the committee, the list will be provided to the committee chair. A paper o project can be nominated only once.


 All nominees for any award must have been enrolled students in good academic standing during the previous calendar year. "Students" includes campus students (graduate, undergraduate), distance students, and doctoral students with a concentration in Information Sciences.

Students may win an award only once; however, they may be nominated for the same award more than once.

Nomination forms are available from the Office Manager in the School's main office.

Both the Student Affairs Committee and the faculty as a whole reserve the right not to make an award-even if nominations are submitted.

All awards will be kept in confidence until the award presentation at the hooding ceremony. Winners will be told in advance by the Student Affairs chair to encourage their attendance at the hooding ceremony.

Awards consist of a certificate and inscription of the student's name
and relevant year on a plaque displayed by SIS.


Winners will be chosen by deliberation and decision of the Student Affairs
Committee. More than one award may be conferred each year.